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    too much slay not enough words



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  3. "I am the girl who prefers to spend her Friday night curled up with her pillow, reading a good novel, and I am also the girl who likes to go out on a Saturday night and dance until the DJ plays his last song. I am the girl who wants to wear beat up converses and an oversized sweatshirt, and I am also the girl who who owns over sixty dresses and too many shoes to count. Why did it become okay to say one is better than the other? Because I am all of that."
    — Ming D. Liu, What is “better?” (via dancebeforethelord)

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  4. "My wife is not a handbag. If she doesn’t want to come, she doesn’t want to come. She is her own person and has her own life."
    — Thomas Müller when asked why his wife didn’t attend the World Cup In Brazil (via emmertons)

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    i literally cannot decide if this is negative propaganda or not lol

    "votes democrat"

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    Me, regarding jerks

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  15. Shimabuku, Sea and Flowers, 2013

    "Here we find Shimabuku wondering about where the flower came from, and how it got there, and deciding to illustrate its voyage by offering the sea petals without knowing if, someday, they will make a landfall somewhere. As we are well aware, though, it is not really the arrival that counts."

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